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Bead: SS SW Gld Drop Trinity

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The stunning detail of this lovely Trinity Charm Bead is mesmerizing as are the radiant crystals from Swarovski that create an elegant tear drop charm in Sterling Silver featuring stunning 14K Gold plated Trinity knot detail.

Trinity Knot:
The power of three is elegantly represented in this striking 14K Gold plated Teardop charm. The Trinity Knot emblem itself is elegantly enveloped in a Teardrop fashioned in Sterling Silver. The smooth lines of the pendant ever so slightly draw the eye to the strong yet simple Trinity Knot featured in its center. The Trinity Knot, in Celtic history, has a strong depiction of the power of the Three.

Whether the wearer finds the power of three to represent a symbol of Faith; the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, or its counterpart meaning; past, present and future in a twisting, unending knot of everlasting love, the message will be strong and meaningful.

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