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Bead: SS SW Hope Anchor

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In days gone by, when a sailor was missing his love while at sea, he would take two ropes, and would tie them together with overhand knots. He would leave it loose however, and send it home to his true love. If she felt the same about him, she would tighten the knot into an unbreakable bond, and keep it in anticipation of his return.

The Hope charm bead incorporates two hearts and an anchor made up of a fisherman's rope as a fisherman's knot is also known for its special way that it grows stronger the more stress that is placed on it, making it a popular sign for overcoming adversity.

Pairing, Mixing, Matching:
The Origin collection from Tara's Diary produces what seems an endless amount of beads, ranging from serious, faith-oriented pieces to fun and flirty Irish pictures. Mix and match this hope bead with other iconically Irish beads or add it to a unique collection of beads with ranging meanings and interpretations. The possibilities are truly endless. And with the knowledge of ShanOre's unmatched, artisan quality, you can be sure your design will last.

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