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Ring: 14k Gold Claddagh Diamond

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This spectacular take on the traditional Claddagh ring is the perfect present for the special woman in your life. The center heart stones and outline/crown are beautiful diamonds to draw all eyes to your love. The 14K gold band completes the warm, Celtic look and pairs well with all skin tones.  Significance of the Claddagh The crown, hands and heart of the Claddagh are well known to represent the loyalty, friendship and love of a woman. However, the placement on her hand also has significance. If the ring is on her right hand and facing out, it means she is ready for love. If facing in, the ring symbolizes she is taken. But if the ring is on her left hand and facing out, it means she is engaged to her true love. Finally, the Claddagh also acts as a marriage band when it faces inward on the left hand.  A Romantic Proposal  This ring is the perfect proposal ring to be fitted on your love's left hand.

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