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Bead: SS SW Claddagh Dancer

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Irish Dancing Girl charm bead is decorated with crystals from Swarovski® to create a stunning set that is perfect to wear for any occasion on your Origin style bracelet. Famous throughtout the world for music and dance this cute charm will remind you of the fun and skill of Irish dance. Designed to capture the grace and liveliness of a leaping Irish dancer, this bead is a exquisite celebration of Irish heritage and a dancer's joy. The dancer has been skillfully modeled by our craftsman showing a traditional embroidered dress and ghillies or sometimes called pump shoes in a common jig pose.

You'll notice that the elegant dancer hangs from a stunning Claddagh bead adorned by Swarovski crystals and which shows the old Irish symbols of Love, Loyalty and Friendship which defines the comradery that unites communities around the globe as the practice, compete and enjoy the scene together.

No matter your rhythm, everyone is a dancer in their soul whether it's at home, park or else at the c?il?. This charm was designed for those who can't help but skip or sway to the percussions of the music. Dancing has always been an important part of the Irish heritage, and this bead is a sparkling reminder of that important tradition.

Whether it is the first charm you receive, or an addition to a long-established collection, this bead is a beautiful gift for a woman of any age.

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