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Earring: 10K Gold Trinity Drop

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Add a touch of elegance to your everyday look with 10k Gold Trinity Knot dangle earrings. Soft details add charm and versatile simplicity.
Trinity Knot
The Beautiful Celtic Trinity Knot motif is showcased in these earrings with simple elegance. Set to dangle with movement, they are delicate and lovely, with rounded edges and soft lines. The intertwining linear movements are fashioned from 10k Yellow Gold. The Trinity Knot in and of itself is a nod to the Trinity Knot imagery that is common in Celtic history, art, and tradition. It is a three pointed figure created from a single, interconnecting, unbroken line. The three points are to signify past, present, future, or sometimes land, sea and sky. They can also, in religious imagery be of The Holy Trinity. Each point is related to but separate from the other.
Simple Elegance
Showcase your favorite and meaningful Celtic Trinity Knots with these easy and chic earrings. Pair them with your favorite Trinity Knot necklace or bracelet for a truly complete look. Incorporate these day to night, in your daily workwear look, or your show them off at Sunday brunch.

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