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Earring: 10K Gold Claddagh

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Classic elegance and modern charm come together for an unforgettable look in these 10k Yellow Gold Earrings featuring beautifully crafted Claddagh design in a lovely dangle style. The hands, heart and crown of the Claddagh are crafted with excellent detail.
Classic Beauty
Classic and traditional 10k yellow gold elevate these dangle earrings full of sophistication and charm. The Claddagh design is crafted with soft lines and rounded edges for a beautiful day to night appearance. They delicately highlight the classic beauty of the wearer while showcasing traditional Celtic symbolism. The Claddagh symbol is comprised of a long, arced arm capped with two gently open hands. These hands clasp within them a heart, adorned with a finely detailed crown. The hands are meant to represent friendship, the heart is meant to represent love, and the crown above it, completing the figure, is for loyalty. Each component of the figure is necessary to complete the Claddagh, just as all three components are necessary to a relationship.
Everyday Occasion
Share these beautiful earrings with delicate detail to a most deserving significant other. Their 10k Yellow Gold construction blends versatile with any day to night look while offering a sense of effortless beauty. You may also choose to hold on to these keepsake earrings for your own Celtic pride, or to mark a special occasion in a personal or professional relationship.

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