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Earring: Diamond 10K Claddagh Heart

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This excellent Claddagh earring set is encased in shimmering diamonds. Dangling from delicate, yet supportive hands is an excellent 10 karat gold heart, which boasts an intricately designed crown. The precision on the cuffs, hands and crown tips are the incredible testament to Shanore?s jewelry quality.
Claddagh Magic

The Claddagh symbol shown here as two hands grasping a crowned heart represent the importance and balance of love, loyalty and friendship in life. The back and forth weight of these elements of life can sometimes be daunting. But seen in this gorgeous diamond encased earring set, the balance of the three is a thing of true beauty. The ?heart of gold? representation is unmistakeable. Let this earring set shine on the love in your life.?
Handmade with Care

Each piece of Shanore?s jewelry is handcrafted to perfection, with a specific focus on quality and design. The delicate contrast in this earring set between the silver, gold and diamond accents shows the amazing, unmatched quality. Perfect for any occasion, this silver diamond Claddagh earring set can be worn casually or with that elegant little black dress.

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