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Ring: Trinity Pearl

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This exquisite ring is truly a unique and beautiful piece. The combination of the soft, round lustre of the pearl with the winding silver of the Celtic Knots combine a blending of aesthetics which will delight the eye and the mind. The centerpiece of this lovely ring is a beautiful and luminescent pearl- rare enough in a world dominated by gemstones. But then the delicate sterling silver band, woven with the flowing Celtic Knots adds a level of grace and elegance unlike other rings.

Dewdrops from Heaven:

The pearl is one of the oldest gems in human history, predating the cut gemstones so common today and even gold and metal work. Ancients believed pearls to be dew drops of the moon and they represented the moons ripe fullness. Because of this, they are also associated with marriage and love.

A Most Feminine Ring:

Pearl is also the birthstone for the month of June. This ring would be a beautiful present for anyone born in June in your life. The feminine appeal of the softness of the pearl combined with the delicacy of the band makes it perfect for any woman who still holds to the old traditions.

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