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Ring: SS Clad Feb Amethyst

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A man made amethyst is the centerpiece of this epic Claddagh ring design. The February birthstone sparkles from a setting of sterling silver, burrowed between two careful hands. Dainty orbs form the heart's crown, and two round-cut diamonds on either side further the impressions of royalty that make this ring so desirable.

In a time when the material value of possessions can overshadow their personal significance, the Claddagh symbol continues to stand for friendship, affection, and loyalty. The cradling hands suggest that the wearer has given her heart to someone who will treat her with warm and thoughtful care. The crown enforces the importance of fidelity in a relationship, implying that the commitment that two people show toward one another is crucial to the longevity of their love.

This ring would make the perfect gift for many occasions: engagement, marriage, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. People born in February are known to be helpful, original, and innovative; a woman wearing such an extraordinary piece of jewelry would be revealing her identity with vibrant creativity. Taking glimpses of this gems lovely hue all day long would inspire her to take advantage of fun opportunities and enjoy her free-spirited perspective on life.

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