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Earring: SS Claddagh White Swarovski

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The stunning detail of these lovely Claddagh earrings is mesmerizing, as are the bright crystals from Swarovski� that create an elegant circle, ending in the traditional Claddagh symbol of two hands clutching a heart, surmounted by a crown, which is crafted out of sterling silver.
True Love
A historic symbol of true everlasting love that is able to surpass distance and challenges, the Claddagh symbol was crafted by a jeweler separated by his love while enslaved, and yet it is a strong emblem for the key elements of modern relationships. Two hands represent two lives joined in friendship, which supports the heart which stands for love. The crown atop the heart is the sign for loyalty. Together these three things combine to build a relationship full of trust and pure, enjoyable love.
Special Gift
These gorgeous earrings, embellished with Swarovski crystals, make a heartfelt gift for the special lady in your life. Available with a matching Claddagh Pendant necklace, she will wear these earring proudly while cherishing the romantic meaning behind the carved design.

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