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Earring: SS Tree of Life CZ

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Article number: SE2103CZ
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Metal: Sterling Silver
Weight: 3.3 grams
Width: 20mm
Height: 20mm
Main Stone: Cubic Zirconia
Main Stone Dimensions: 0.5 mm x 0.5mm
Main Stone Shape: Round


The fine carving details of this Tree of Life Silver Earrings will have admirers leaning in for a closer look. The intricate knot work within the sterling silver tree roots connect in a circle shape towards the expansive branches that are inlaid with shining stones. 

Other Worldly

The Tree of Life holds special meaning in Celtic culture and belief, with its importance dating back for centuries. The tree possesses special powers to provide for mankind, and spiritual significance as a connection to the other worlds. The deeply entrenched roots are said to break through Mother Earth towards the lower world, while the strong trunk stays firmly in the present. The branches are considered so expansive that they can create an entire forest while reaching up towards the heavens into the world of the gods. Today it continues to serve as a symbol of harmony and balance as well.

Conversation Starter

The unique design and shape make these earring enjoyable to wear for everyday occasions and yet intricate enough to spark conversation and awe in others, while promoting harmony and balance in your own life. 

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